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Hi :)

Hello all! I'm a bit of a newbie to Hellraiser and Clive Barker, but in the past few weeks I've managed to watch the first, second, third, and sixth (was Hellseeker the sixth?) movies, and I LOVE them. 

Anyways, after watching Hellseeker, I was a bit surprised at Kirsty's actions...

Well, there's bit a lot of arguments on various message boards I've visited on Kirsty's role in the movies. Some fans were disgusted that Kirsty turned into a killer, while others seemed to think she always had that sort of 'darkness' in her.

I was surprised, but I kind of understand why she did what she did. Despite Kirsty's strength and cunning when facing Pinhead, I think that a part of her really is afraid. I think she's afraid of the Cenobites taking her soul, and I think she's also afraid of the fact that she might want them to. As Pinhead said, Kirsty is so eager to play, yet to reluctant to admit it. Therefore, when she finds herself before Pinhead again, unable to escape, she does whatever she has to, to survive. 

Honestly, I can't say I wouldn't do the same. The last thing in the world I'd want is to spend eternity being tortured, and I'd probably do almost anything to escape such a fate.

Besides, Trevor betrayed her and was planning to kill her! Not that he deserved death, but still...

I was wondering what you all thought. Has Kirsty taken after Pinhead and become cold and calculating, doing whatever is necessary to survive? Or was she simply desperate, betrayed once again by one she loved, hurt and confused and afraid? Do you think a part of Kirsty does want Pinhead to claim her soul, or is it simply fear?

I wish there'd be another movie with Kirsty, to show her fate... because Pinhead did say he wouldn't rest until he got what he came for, and he still doesn't have it....
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