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Battle of the Horror Icons First Round.

Hey gang,

Battle of the Horror Icons , Round 1 is now finally completed. All the entrants have been posted.  Go here to cast your vote on who you think is the Horror Icon of 2007.

Here is the complete list of matches.

A-Pinhead vs. Ash.
B- Jack the Ripper vs. Dracula

C- Bloody Mary vs. Tooth Fairy

D-Mummy vs. Jason

E- Wolfman vs. Pumpkinhead

F-  The Creature from the Black Lagoon vs.  Candy Man

G- Pennywise vs. Leprechaun

H-  Darkness vs. The Headless horseman

I-    Damien Thorn vs.  Freddy Kruger

J-    Frankenstein vs. The Invisible Man

K-   Norman Bates vs. Leather Face

L-    Alien vs. Michael Myers

M    The Phantom of the  Opera vs. Dr.Satan

N     Chucky vs. Stripe

O      Jeepers Creepers Creature vs. The Thing

P       GhostFace vs. Carrie

Voting ends at noon EST tomorrow. The next round starts on Monday with the winners advancing on to the quarter finals, semi finals and finally the final champion being named on Halloween Night.
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